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ATP Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company with 13 years of experience in trading household plastic products to serve the essential needs of daily life such as: Water purifiers, student chairs, speakers. radio, rice container, thermos case, book bag handle, toilet seat … ATP Plastic Company Limited is currently one of the leading companies trading in household and industrial plastic products in Vietnam. Our products are available throughout Vietnam, Southeast Asia, America, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and many parts of the world. Previous household and industrial products, made from nature, are wasteful, uneconomical and environmentally destructive. ATP Plastic Co., Ltd.’s vision is to produce household plastic products and Industry with high aesthetics, good quality and low cost to supply to the domestic market, the region and the world. Products of the Company We not only meet the needs of domestic consumption but also export to the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and many parts of the world. … Our vision is to be considered as a leading plastic producer in Vietnam. We’re very competitive and ambitious, and we’ll get there. Because of high quality products and service to customers. Our success is the result of our focus Invest in partners and export markets. Apply the best research and technology Ambitious and have the right development strategy Long-term partnerships are one of the focuses of our development. And the success in cooperation has been proven, and will continue to prove. Attached to a short history, we have achieved certain successes but we want the future to be even better. We continue to expand and are constantly looking for new opportunities. Continue to create and push the plastic industry forward according to social change and environmental responsibility. We always aim to the highest product standards anywhere in the world. We understand that with a focus on people development, technology, quality, safety, and customer service, we will ensure a prosperous future for our workers, for our customers. , and all partners.


– ATP Plastic Co., Ltd has been making great efforts through the mass media worldwide.

– Products of ATP Plastic Co., Ltd. will go further and not only meet the Vietnamese market but also reach the world market.

– New trends in design as well as designs and quality standards ATP Plastic Co., Ltd. are always updated through market research as well as personal preferences for regions, regions …

– The design always focuses on beautiful and convenient designs as well as benefits and quality in terms of product safety.

This is the result of consensus and synergies with a desire that ATP Plastic Co., Ltd. will come to everyone and every home.

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Regularly create beautiful and attractive designs Regularly create beautiful and attractive designs
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Reasonable price for all customers Reasonable price for all customers

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